Classroom teachers have a dedicated copy of a course for each class section.  When you are ready to administer a quiz or test, you will need to un-hide those links so they are visible to the students.

NEW FEATURE - Teachers can now show or hide any quiz or test with a single click!  Simply click on the Hide or Show icon to the right of the quiz or test to toggle the visibility status.

If you want to hide or show other course elements (e.g. chapters or lesson links), click the gear icon near the top-right corner of the screen and "Turn Editing On".  This will make additional links and options visible near each resource, and you can elect to "Show" or "Hide" each element.  When finished hiding or un-hiding elements, "Turn Editing Off" from the gear icon.

This article does not apply to homeschool and indiviudal families; all quizzes and tests are always un-hidden in those courses, and course elements cannot be shown/hidden by individual parents.