Java students may see the following error when trying to use the String.format() function call:

    "The method format(String, Object[]) in the type String is not applicable for the arguments (String, Calendar)"

This error means that your Eclipse is somehow using a very old version of the Java language (even if you have installed 1.7 or 1.8 JDK). The String.format() command did not exist with those parameters back in JDK 1.4.

There is an Eclipse setting you can use to make sure you’re using 1.7 or later language definitions. From Eclipse, you select “Windows -> Preferences -> Java -> Compiler” to see the compiler versions it’s using. Make sure the “Compiler compliance level” in the below screen is set to 1.7 or higher.

It’s also possible your specific project has overridden the default workspace settings with a different compliance level. In that case, you can right-click on your project in the Package Explorer and select “Properties”. You’ll find essentially the same screens with project-specific settings you can change.