Each course will deliver HTML5-compliant lesson text and streaming MP4 videos. Supplemental documents may also be provided in PDF format, and you will need the free Adobe Reader program to view those documents.

You can also download ZIP files containing fully coded activity solutions and other digital elements. Coding projects will contain a variatey of files and folders.  Files will typically end with extensions like *.sln, .vbproj, *.vb, *.csproj, *.cs, *.java,  *.html, *.css, etc. depending on the course. You can use a programming environment recommended by each course to natively view, build, and run these files.

Detailed instructions for installing your s programming environment and managing the project files are contained in the course material. If you wish to view the source code files in advance, source files are actually text files that you can load into any text editor (e.g. Notepad).