If you do not already have a background in programming or computers, you may be wondering how to evaluate your student’s progress. But don’t worry! Our turn-key courses can be administered by teachers with minimal computer science experience. All quizzes and tests are auto-scored and automatically entered into your electronic grade-book.

Students will also submit hands-on projects for grades in every chapter.  Each project has a companion teacher's solution guide.  Projects will also have an example fully coded activity solution (where relevant) that you can build and run to observe the desired effects.

For "how-to" guidance on the logistics of downloading student submissions and assigning grades to projects, please click on the "Professional Development" or "Teacher Tutorial" link from your Teacher's Menu within any course.  Then select "Common Administrative Features" and then view the "Grading Student Projects" video.

If you are using the Python Programming course, please view the "Auto-Grading Projects" video in that same module. This video will show you how students submit code for an auto-grade, how teachers can view student work, approve student grades, and allow additional student submissions for a new grade.