All CompuScholar course material is delivered online, through a web browser.  Students and teachers can use any computer or device with a HTML5-compliant web browser and a high speed Internet connection to access the course material, take the quizzes and tests, etc.

All courses also involve hands-on programming or computing assignments in every chapter.  In order to complete those assignments, students will need a desktop computer or laptop that meets the minimum requirements listed for the specific course.  All courses support Windows, and some courses support Mac OS as well.

The student may need to install 3rd party software on his or her computer in order to complete the hands-on assignments.  Any 3rd party software required by a course will be free and can be downloaded and installed under the step-by-step guidance contained within the course. You will never need to purchase additional software for your students.

For a detailed list of minimum hardware and software requirements, please see: